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SOLLALLA Multi Vitamin B Cream 50mL

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Product Name SOLLALLA Multi Vitamin B Cream 50mL
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Overview SOLLALLA Multi Vitamin B Cream 50mL
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5% Niacinamide

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that can offer several benefits for the skin:

1. Hydration: Niacinamide helps to increase the production of ceramides, a type of lipid that is important for maintaining skin's moisture barrier, leading to hydrated, plump skin.

2. Brightening: Niacinamide has been shown to improve the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, giving skin a more even tone and radiant glow.

3. Anti-aging: Niacinamide has been shown to improve the production of collagen, which can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve skin's firmness and elasticity.

4. Calming: Niacinamide has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great ingredient for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, as it can help to soothe and calm skin.

5. Protection: Niacinamide has been shown to help protect skin from environmental stressors, such as UV damage, pollution, and blue light from electronic devices.

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5% Panthenol

Panthenol, also known as Pro-Vitamin B5, has several benefits for the skin:

1. Moisturizing: helps hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin.

2. Wound healing: speeds up the healing process of cuts, burns, and other skin injuries.

3. Anti-inflammatory: reduces redness and inflammation.

4. Improving skin barrier: enhances the skin's natural barrier function and helps retain moisture.

5. Brightening: can help lighten dark spots and even out skin tone.

Overall, Panthenol is a versatile ingredient that can improve skin hydration, texture, and overall appearance.

Triple Moist-Barrier Technology

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Active Ingredients

1. Moisturizing factors and active ingredients will give rich moisture for the most dewy and glowing skin.

Nutritive Emollients

2. Nutritious moisturizing oil infused with natural oil helps skin look flawless by strengthening the skin barrier.

Moisturizing Barrier

3. Plant-based wax and moisturizing capsules form an extra moisturizing protective film.

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